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Member Telehealth FAQ Sheet

Member Telehealth FAQ Sheet

February 4, 2022

New to Oqea?
You can sign-up or log in to Oqea via the following link https://oqea.me/#/login from a web browser; or via the Oqea app which is available from the IOS or Android store.

How to view your appointment:  
If your provider has booked your telehealth consultation through the Oqea platform, you can find the appointment information via the ‘Journey’ tab of the Oqea app and then select the blue ‘Events’ filter. This will display all your Oqea appointments, past and upcoming.  

However, if your healthcare provider has booked your consultation using their existing systems you will receive an email and/or a text message outlining your telehealth appointment details.

Tips for your Telehealth Consultation:
When it is almost time to join a telehealth call, we suggest finding a well-lit, quiet and comfortable environment to set up your device at eye level. Please ensure your device is stable and fully charged or connected to a power source. Lastly, it is a great idea to test your device’s camera, microphone and internet connection before the consultation starts.

You can use the Oqea.me web browser to have your telehealth consultation on your laptop. Login to your account here; https://oqea.me/#/login  

However, you can also log into your Oqea app and have your telehealth consultation on your iPhone or iPad.  

How to Join a Telehealth Call:

Only your provider will be able to start the telehealth consultation.  
When your provider is ready, they will start the call and you will be able to join the virtual consultation room. There are a number of ways to join:  

  1. Join via the link sent as an SMS to your mobile number  
  1. Join via the link sent to your email address
  1. Join via the link that will appear at the top of your home page in the Oqea app
  1. Join via the link that will appear at the top of your home page in the Oqea web browser https://oqea.me/#/login

Please note: Your telehealth consult may not start at the exact appointment time due to the busy nature of health care provision as would any in-person consultation.  
You are welcome to keep busy while you wait, just keep your phone or emails notifications unmuted and nearby as to not miss when the consultation starts.  

Tip: If you do find yourself waiting, we suggest using the time to pro-actively brainstorm topics or events you wish to address in your upcoming telehealth consultation.
For technical support, please contact Oqea on support@oqea.zendesk.com or 0466 786 283.