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Oqea is the complete toolkit for delivering online health support services for your employees where and when they need it. Through the hyper personalised care plans and support tools, employer support can always be there, whether your employee is in the office, working remotely or working from home.

Our Approach to Wellbeing

Secure online communications with your care team

Access to unlimited self care and education resources

Real time health insights to track your progress and goals

Easy appointment booking and script renewals

Find the support that's right for you

Connection &
Continuity of Care

Oqea is the complete toolkit for delivering online health support services to your clients, connecting patients, providers and peer supporters all in the one place. The platform is designed by health professionals to enhance continuity and depth of support, helping you provide a streamlined service so that your clients and their support teams can effectively work together towards improved wellbeing outcomes.

Oqea cares about your health
manage your health appointments efficiently online

Manage your clients
in one place

Oqea is a platform and marketplace for consumers to find, connect and work with support providers. We don’t replace face to face to contact, we fill in the gaps in between. Build a shared knowledge base that keeps everyone on the same page.

  • Store clinical notes
  • Distribute tasks and assessments
  • Integrate communication channels of professional, peer and family support

Seamless online service delivery

Oqea offers a turn-key solution for online services, from lead generation, client-matching, appointment booking, tools for service provision, through to payment.Funds are deposited to the providers account less a transaction fee, automating your processes and ensuring a higher turnover rate for your business.

Oqea iPhone user interface