Helping Health and
Wellbeing Professionals to

Get Connected is the complete toolkit for delivering online health and wellbeing support services to your patients

Create digital
care teams

Create digital care teams across provider groups, free of traditional restrictions of proximity and varying mediums of communication. Use Oqea to expand and adapt your clients' (and prospective clients) digital care teams. Referrals can be sent and received in a digital format within the security of Oqea. Never have to worry about losing a referral again.

If you are not an Oqea provider you can still refer to providers on Oqea! Refer to a provider in the Oqea network use this

Digital workflows

Streamline your processes and improve your productivity by creating your own automated workflows through Oqea. Personalise your client onboarding sequences, email communications, assessments, referral reminders and more.

You can rest easy that your clients are well looked after and can get everything they need to make the most of appointments and those times in between.

where you can track your wellbeing

Gather personal daily health insights by recording your mood, setting goal focus areas and sharing notes with your support team.

Health insights can be used to:

·    Track your goals

·    Gather objective insights for medical appointments

·    Manage your mental wellbeing


Manage your invoices, receipts and Medicare claiming seamlessly with Oqea's transaction functionality. Spend less time on administration work with all of your transactions being auto-populated and ready for your approval. Breathe easy knowing everything is documented and synced within your client records.


Store and distribute assessments through Oqea, which automatically scores them on your behalf. Go paperless and improve your efficiency, unburdening administrative staff of the task.

About Oqea

What can I use Oqea for?

Oqea is the complete toolkit for delivering online health support services to your patients, connecting patients, providers and peer supporters all on one platform. Use the platform to communicate with patients in between appointments, send online assessments, track client mood and wellbeing ratings through daily Health Insights and provide added value through educational resources available on the platform. Additionally, automate and streamline booking and billing through the platform, as well as approve and renew patient scripts.

Do I pay extra for online booking and billing?

There is a 3% fee (plus third party costs) deducted after transactions through the Oqea platform.

What can my clients use Oqea for?

Clients can track their mood and goal progress by adding notes, events and tasks into their Journey, as well as accessing self-help tools. They can also search the Oqea community marketplace for recommended health professionals, current articles and programs. Most importantly, your clients have the power to take the driver’s seat in their wellbeing journey with a tool that is customisable to their lifestyle and needs.


Is the member involved in the referral process?

Yes. Our philosophy is member empowerment and involvement in their care. For the referred provider to be added to the care team, the member needs to give their consent. After the referral has been accepted by the referred provider, the ‘consent to share request’ is sent to the member. They are notified by email and within their Oqea app of the new request. If accepted, the referred provider will be added to the team and the referral process is complete.

How will I know I've received a referral?

When a referral is received, providers are notified by email and a pop-up notification within the Oqea platform. Referrals can be managed at the ‘Referral Management’ page under the heading ‘Members’. 

Can I send a referral to a provider that isn't registered on Oqea?

Yes. When you create a new referral, if you don’t see the provider’s name listed, you can add their details. We will then send them an email with the referral attached as a PDF and we will invite them to join the Oqea network for streamlined collaboration and communication.

Can I receive a referral from a provider that isn't registered on Oqea?

Yes. The referral form here can be used by any providers that would like to refer to your practice. When a provider uses this form to send a referral, it is added to your Referral Management page for you to action and the member’s Oqea record is automatically created.  

Referral form: