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Oqea Membership
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Key Features in Free:
Stay connected to your provider
Track your progress and goals through personalised Health Insights
Tools to encourage your unique self care practices
Access to some educational resources and free activities
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Oqea Premium Membership
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All Key Features in Free plus:
Stay connected to multiple providers in your network
Access to online health services including secure Telehealth appointments
Keep your family and friends informed through secure communication channels
24/7 Support
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What’s Included in Your Membership?

Secure online communications with your care team

Access to unlimited self care and education resources

Real time health insights to track your progress and goals

Easy appointment booking and script renewals

Find the support that's right for you

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in an Oqea Membership?

Oqea is the complete toolkit for delivering online health support services to your patients, connecting patients, providers and peer supporters all on one platform. Use the platform to communicate with patients in between appointments, send online assessments, track client mood and wellbeing ratings through daily Health Insights and provide added value through educational resources available on the platform. Additionally, automative and streamline booking and billing through the platform, as well as approve and renew patient scripts.

Do I pay extra for online appointment booking and billing?

Upon processing transaction there will be a 5% surcharge added. There are no additional costs added to your membership.

What can my clients use Oqea for?

Clients can track their mood and goal progress by adding notes, events and tasks into their Journey, as well as accessing self-help tools. They can also search the Oqea community marketplace for recommended health professionals, current articles and programs. Most importantly, your clients have the power to take the driver’s seat in their wellbeing journey with a tool that is customisable to their lifestyle and needs.
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