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Secure online communications with your care team

Access to unlimited self care and education resources

Real time health insights to track your progress and goals

Easy appointment booking and script renewals

Find the support that's right for you

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Oqea empowers individuals to access the support they need in a way that suits their lifestyle, time and budget. The Oqea platform stores self-help tools, professional and peer support all in the one online space to help you get where you want to go with less delays and wrong turns.

How it Works

A membership made for you by you

Oqea connects you to the people you value and trust the most, for one on one sessions and the times in between. Fill in the gaps between appointments by accessing your personalised support tools and staying connected to your network when and where you need it.  

One-on-one or as a group, you can make your wellbeing journey all yours

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"Oqea is extremely useful and reassuring if you are going through a tough time, you can utilize it. From interacting with your doctor if needed to conveying your mood and tasks etc. It's a no brainer to use the Oqea platform."
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"Easy to operate program . Good for dummies !"
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"Good tool for keeping in touch with my care team and medications"
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