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How it works

It's connection at your fingertips

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We’ve created a living, breathing ecosystem of wellbeing, where personal and professional support come together at the touch of a button. It’s time to get connected, reduce isolation, and ensure that nobody gets left behind.

Secure online communications with your care team

Access to unlimited self care and education resources

Real time health insights to track your progress and goals

Easy appointment booking and script renewals

Find the support that's right for you

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A membership designed by you

The Oqea platform manages the practical aspects of your wellbeing by storing upcoming appointments and medications all in the one place. Gather personal daily health insights by recording your mood, journal entries and actions. Use these insights to help guide your behaviours and take practical steps to achieve the goals you set with your support team.

Keep track of everything that matters most

Oqea connects you to the people you value and trust the most, for one-on-one sessions and those times in between. We understand the gaps in between appointments can be tricky to navigate. With Oqea, you choose to share (or not share) information with your support team, all at the click of button. Oqea also accommodates to your communication preferences, giving you the option to connect by voice, video or text chat with your health professionals and supporters in a way that works for you.

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