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Connecting with your Providers or Supporters

Connecting with your Providers or Supporters

February 6, 2024

As a member of Oqea you can connect and communicate with your entire support network, from healthcare providers to your friends, family and even workplace wellbeing officer!

Once you are connected to a provider, they will be able to view your member profile, communicate with you, have in-person or telehealth consultations and collaborate with other providers in your support team amongst many other things. Additionally, connecting with a supporter (friends, family, etc.) will allow you to share information and include them in parts of your wellbeing journey that you would like them to be involved with.

For a connection to be made, Oqea requires mutual acceptance of consent; both the provider and the member, or member and supporter must agree to connect. There are a number of pathways for a connection to be made and the first step can be taken by either party and will be explored in the following.
Please note: If your provider has outlined their preferred method, please follow the steps provided by them.

Connection initiated by you:

You will search the Oqea marketplace and send a provider or supporter a request to connect. The provider or supporter will then be prompted to accept or decline when they are next logged in to their Oqea platform.

- From your Oqea app select the ‘Messaging’ menu from the bottom right-hand corner.

- You will then select the orange + icon in the top right corner and then choose from: ‘Invite Oqea Provider’, ‘Invite Non-Oqea Provider’ or ‘Invite Supporter’

- When inviting an Oqea provider you can search for your provider by name and then ‘view profile’ before ‘sending an invitation’ to connect.

- When inviting a Non-Oqea Provider they will be contacted by us to sign up to the platform. When inviting a supporter, you will add their details and they will be prompted to accept if they are an existing Oqea member, if they are not yet registered them will receive an invitation to register with the platform after which will be followed with your request to connect.


1.       If you are looking for a new provider, you can search the Oqea marketplace by a keyword such as sleep, anxiety, nutrition, etc. Our algorithms can display health professionals in related fields allowing you to assess their profiles and decide on an option that best suits you.

2.     If you search your providers name and cannot find them. Please check that you are not already connected with them; from the ‘Home’ menu (bottom left corner) swipe through the ‘Your Support’ section to see all of the current providers and supports you are connected with.

For technical support, please contact Oqea on support@oqea.zendesk.com or 0466 786 283.