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Oqea for care givers

Oqea for care givers

February 8, 2024

Oqea recognises that many may not be using our services for their own wellbeing, but for the care and support of others. This is a huge part of the Oqea vision, ensuring that friends, family, healthcare providers or even your co-workers are able to view an individual's wellbeing journey, as part of their support team. Support teams are important in allowing supporters to understand what is happening in their life and even message each other if a situation arose to effectively co-ordinate care.

In this article, we will be covering what a support team is, how to join someone's support team, messaging as a supporter, viewing their wellbeing information and how to request/control sharing permissions.

Support Teams

Support networks are an invaluable tool - literally! These personal connections can be thought of as an invisible safety net, a vital component of personal resilience and wellbeing. They journey alongside us and assist us with traversing difficult problems, processing unfortunate events and may help us avoid certain problems altogether. Beyond that, support networks will often facilitate mutual exchange of life experiences, strengthening bonds and understandings with those around us. Like a garden, support networks must be nurtured, they take initial effort to form and require constant maintenance. We have prepared some tips and information that can aid your efforts as you invest in some of life’s most mutually rewarding relationships. You can learn more about support network's here.

Oqea is a tool that digitally enhances support networks. We offer a range of services, tools and information for each tier of support, with the focal point of this being support teams. Being in someone's support team, depending on what they have chosen to share with you, gives you access to a range of content. This includes their daily wellbeing results, insight into the types of support they are receiving and the notes/tasks that result from their care.

You also have the ability to directly message the person themselves or the other people and health providers that support them. All of this with the intention to provide as much clarity to the person's wellbeing as possible and enable everyone in their lives to coordinate and manage their care effectively.

Becoming A Supporter

Becoming a supporter is quick and easy, just remember that the following steps will be from the point of view of someone adding a supporter to their support team.

  1. On the homepage, go to the far right of the "Your Support" section and click "Add Support"
  2. Select "Supporter" and type in the details of the person you want to add to your team and click send invite
  3. Now the supporter must accept the invite before they are officially a part of your support team (invitiations will appear at the top of the home page)

Note: The difference between a supporter and a professional: Supporters are friends, family, peers or maybe even workplace wellbeing officers that are important points of a person's support network. While Professionals refers to healthcare providers or practioners that provide support services for a member.


Messaging can be found in the fourth tab titled "Messaging" (please ignore connect in the product screenshots included in this resource, they are from an older version of Oqea).

Messaging is a key feature of the support team. Oqea provides both individual messaging with each person in your support team, in addition to a groupchat that includes all members of the support team! This groupchat is vitally important in coordinating care as a group, and for you as a care giver provides a manner in which you can message the health providers/other supporters that also support the person you're caring for.

If you are looking after a minor and wish to speak to their health provider directly about private topics, please ensure you check with the health provider about their preferred method. We recommend you do not try connect with the provider directly by adding them as a provider to your support team, and instead ask within the support team groupchat what method of communication they would prefer. Healthcare providers on Oqea are able to create conversations with members from a support team, so it may be worth suggesting to the provider in question to create a group conversation without your child included (for example).

Tracking Someone's Wellbeing

To view the information for someone you are supporting/providing care for you can access their profile using the dropdown tab next to the crisis button, this is visible at the top any page, to the left of the crisis button (see below).

This will allow you to view all the information the information they have chosen to share with you. It will appear in the same format as your own profile, so if you can't find something specific where it should be you may need to request access.

Sharing Permissions/Requesting Access

Requesting access from the supporter side is simple. While viewing the person's profile from your app or browser you can go to "More" and then "Request Access".

From the request access page (above) you can request to view any available information. Once you have requested access they must accept before it is visible for you. These notifications will appear at the top of the homepage.

For technical support, please contact Oqea on support@oqea.zendesk.com or 0466 786 283.