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A Provider Overview of Oqea

A Provider Overview of Oqea

February 4, 2022

Firstly, as a provider you will always be logging into the clinical side of Oqea via the Oqea.net web-browser for health-care professionals. This can be accessed through  the following link: https://oqea.net/user/login

If you have not yet signed up as a provider on Oqea, and are interested in the platform, please get in contact with us here

A member is the terminology we use for any individual using the Oqea app or Oqea.me web-browser. This is a separate side for individuals to seek or receive support or manage their individual wellbeing. Essentially, you can think of members as patients or clients.  

Members can login via the Oqea app, which is downloadable via the Apple App store or Google Play store. Additionally, they can log in to the Oqea.me web-browser via accessing the following link: https://oqea.me/#/login

Getting Started
The first step we recommend taking is to watch our suite of Oqea tutorials; these will give you a solid understanding of the interface and how to utilise the powerful functionality we have built in.

To watch these tutorials click here, or login to your provider account and scroll to the bottom and select ‘Oqea Guide’ from the footer menu.

Alternatively, follow these onboarding articles to gain insight into the areas of the platform you wish to learn.

We are always eager to hear of any issues, suggestions or feedback our provider may have for us, to submit yours either: email our support team here, or make use of the ‘Feedback tab’  on the right-hand side of your provider interface.  

For technical support, please contact Oqea on info@oqea.com or 0466 786 283.