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How To: Telehealth Consultations on Oqea

How To: Telehealth Consultations on Oqea

February 1, 2024

Your Package

Telehealth services are available through the full Oqea + Payment Systems service; however, from 01/02/2022 – 01/05/2022 Uncapped video and audio telehealth consultations will be included in the subscription model of Oqea.  

This document will outline the workflow for having a Telehealth consultation and the relevant steps depending on your chosen Oqea package.  

A. Your Oqea subscription is complimenting your existing practice management systems  

B. You are utilising Oqea as your practice management system  

Creating a Telehealth Consultation


  1. You can schedule the telehealth consult as you would normally through your existing systems. Ensure that this outlines to the individual that it is a virtual telehealth consultation, whether it is an audio or video consult, time, date, appointment reminders and attach the Oqea Member Telehealth FAQ sheet.
  1. You can schedule a telehealth consult through your calendar and selecting the member, date & time of the consultation.


1. When it is time to have your telehealth consultation ensure you are set up in a quiet, well-lit private place. It is a great idea to test your devices internet connection, microphone and video prior to the consult.

2. As with the busy nature of healthcare you may be running behind schedule, it can bring peace of mind to the individual if you or your receptionist can advise of any time delays to the telehealth consultation start time.

3. To initiate the telehealth call you must first navigate to the members profile that you will be having the call with. Next, select either the video camera icon or phone icon (depending on whether it is a video or audio consultation) from the communicational tools located across the top on the right-hand side of the member’s name.

4. The member will receive an SMS, email and Oqea app notification with a link to the join the consultation.  

5. After your consultation you will invoice the member as you normally would through your existing systems.

To watch a video tutorial regarding telehealth calls please click here and view the ‘Telehealth- Video & Audio Calls’ tutorial.  
Alternatively, open your Oqea Guide (available in the footer of all Oqea.net pages).

For technical support, please contact Oqea on support@oqea.zendesk.com or 0466 786 283.