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Connecting with Members

Connecting with Members

February 4, 2022

Getting Connected with Oqea

There are a number of different ways to connect with members, and it is a great idea to be familiar with all different methods and assess which pathways will work best for you.  

Once you are connected to a member, you will be able to view their member profile, communicate with that member, have in-person or telehealth consultations and collaborate with other providers in their support team amongst many other things.

For a connection to be made, Oqea requires mutual acceptance of consent. Both the provider and the member must agree to connect; as a provider you can easily view the status of consent via the ‘referral management’ page.  

The first step towards connection can be initiated by any party; either you, the member or another provider in the form of a referral. See the methods below:

Initiated by the Member with External Resources  

Often the most preferred option to connect with your patients is to utilise ‘Quick Connect’ which is your unique Oqea QR code that streamlines the onboarding process and guides individuals to connect with you. It can be sent digitally or printed and scanned in person.

Upon scanning, existing members will be guided to login and directly prompted to send you a request to connect. If the individual does not yet have an Oqea account they will be guided to select ‘register now’, sign-up and then be directly prompted to send a connection request to you.

Your Quick Connect QR code can be found on the left-hand side of your Provider Profile.  (After logging in to the provider platform select ‘Hello, followed by your name’ in the top right-hand corner and then ‘view/edit profile’. The QR code will appear below the working hours section.

You can send this to an individual via three options:

  • Copy Link copy a direct connection link that can be pasted into any messaging format. The individual can open the link without scanning any QR code.
  • Download QR Downloads a copy of your QR code to your device. From here you can print a copy out for your office or attach file to any messaging format.
  • Copy Embed can directly embed your QR code image into your website, emails or more  

To find out more about Quick Connect, view the Quick Connect onboarding article here.  

Initiated by the Member

The member will need an Oqea account to connect with a provider. They can self-register via selecting ‘Register now’ after downloading the app or by visiting the Oqea.me web-browser.

  • The member searches for you on the marketplace and sends a request to connect. You will then be prompted to accept or decline, via a notification appearing in the bottom right-hand corner of your dashboard, or via navigating to the ‘referral management’ page.
  • The member selects the ‘Messaging’ menu and then the + icon in the top right. They will select ‘Invite Oqea Provider’ and search your name, view your profile and then select ‘Send invitation’

Initiated by the Provider (you)

You will add the members details to the system via the Add Member page.
Select ‘Member’ from the top of your provider interface and then ‘Add Member’.

If the database recognises a match for the members phone number or email address, this indicates that the member has already created an account with Oqea.  
When testing to see if a member already has an Oqea account, you do not need to fill in the additional information, simply type either their phone number or email address and select ‘Next’.

A pop-up displaying ‘Send Request’ will allow you to send a request to connect to the member. The member is prompted to consent / accept.  

If the database does not recognise a match, this indicates that the member does not already have an Oqea account. You can then tick either ‘invite by email’ or ‘invite by SMS’ or even tick both. The member will receive an invite to create an account with Oqea and then be prompted to consent / accept your request to connect.

Referral - Initiated by another Provider  
Other providers can send you a referral to join the member’s support team. If you receive a referral, you will be notified by email and within Oqea.net.

You will receive an email with the referral attached as a PDF.  

To action the referral, please log in to your Oqea account where you will see a pop up in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. You can choose to accept, decline or forward the referral. If you accept the referral, the member will then be notified to give consent for you to join their support team. 

To watch a video tutorial set regarding members and connecting with members, please click here and view tutorial set 3.  

Alternatively, open your Oqea Guide (available in the footer of all Oqea.net pages).

For technical support, please contact Oqea on
support@oqea.zendesk.com or 0466 786 283.