How to Find Time for Movement During the Festive Season

How to Find Time for Movement During the Festive Season

Written by
Lauren Mason

Throughout the year you remained committed to your 5.45am spin class, waking up every second morning to cycle your heart out to 90’s throwback tunes. You enjoy the class; it’s exhilarating and fun! Fast forward a few months however and your motivation begins to wane. When the festive season comes around sleep becomes a precious commodity and your class falls by the wayside in exchange for sleep. Christmas is a time for a well earnt break, family celebrations and for most enjoying delicious festive food. However, for many of us, especially those who work full time, time to move your body becomes little to non-existent during the festive December period. Add in kids’ commitments, work Christmas parties and last-minute Christmas shopping and time seems to disappear in to thin air! The good news is there is a few ways of sneaking in a few extra few minutes into your schedule to move without having to sacrifice on celebrations. Read on for our top tips on how to find a precious 15 minutes for movement and self-care.


1.     Create a dedicated workout space at home. Sometimes we don’t feel like exercising after a poor sleep or a long day at work. However, research indicates if you make your space more appealing you are more likely to want to take part in exercise. There is a reason your Pilates studio looks like a up market wellness spa. If you don’t know where to start, begin with making sure you have the essentials: a workout mat, small weights and some form of air con or air flow. Anything else is in excess of what you need to get moving!

2.     Online Workouts in 2021 are king. With15 minutes to spare there aint no way you are making it to your local yoga studio. The beauty of 2020 is that most studios and gyms have created their own online workout streaming services which list several workouts that you can choose from at your leisure. If you are on a budget search YouTube for your favourite form of exercise. There are hundreds of thousands of instructional videos just waiting for you!

3.     Can’t find the time? Take the dog or the kids for a stroll! You can use the time taken perhaps usually spent entertaining a two year old on the floor of your living room outside (weather permitting) to explore the great outdoors. Same goes for having a dog. Look after their wellbeing at the same time as yours!

4.     Walking Meetings. The last and more creative option is to get your work colleagues involved. Don’t have a smidge of time outside of work to move? Start holding walking meetings with your colleagues. Access to sunshine, fresh air and an opportunity to stretch your legs. What’s not to like?