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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in an Oqea Membership?

With Oqea, you can track your mood and progress, add notes, events and tasks into your Journey, and access self-help tools. You can also contact your doctor through secure video consulting and internal messaging. We know the time between appointments can be tricky to navigate, and the healthcare system even trickier. That’s why we created Oqea, to help be your guide with your wellbeing needs at your fingertips.

Do I pay extra for online appointment booking and billing?

Our philosophy is putting people first, and all people deserve accessible and low cost wellbeing support. That’s why we’ve created a free version of Oqea, with no payment or subscription required. Coming soon, we will be releasing a premium version of Oqea with additional features, valued at $10 per month.

How does Oqea protect my information?

You can be assured that Oqea uses comprehensive data security practices included data encryption, two factor authentication, application firewalls and vulnerability detection systems to keep both our system, and your data safe at all times. Our application and data is stored and handled within Australia's most certified secure data centre operated by Microsoft Azure.