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Oqea is the complete toolkit for delivering online health support services for your employees where and when they need it. Like consumers, employees want choice. In fact, 83% see mental health as a top priority.

Our Approach to Wellbeing

Secure online communications with your care team

Access to unlimited self care and education resources

Real time health insights to track your progress and goals

Easy appointment booking and script renewals

Find the support that's right for you

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Bespoke care plans to suit your team

Through the hyper personalised care plans and support tools, we can always be there, whether your employee is in the office, working remotely or working from home. Oqea manages and collects important wellbeing health information and stores it all in one digitally secure place, ensuring your teams can easily and efficiently manage their wellbeing and health needs at or after work.

Creating a place for connected wellbeing

Oqea is a platform created by health professionals, so you can trust the people, services and information we recommend are the best. We understand how the health system runs and can work with you to produce tangible, effective digital solutions, streamlining your business and delivering proactive early interventions. We want to achieve better wellbeing outcomes for your employees, returning you to optimal business performance.

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