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Promote Healthy Habits

Create a supportive environment for your employees by supplying them with the tools they need to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Oqea manages your employees health and wellbeing goals through structured tasks, activities and focus areas.

We can help your employees find answers

Confused by the maze of information that's out there? We take the guess work out of being well. Provide access to education and resources to your employees through our wellbeing resource hub.

Provide your employees with options

Provide employees with the option to communicate to health professionals, family and friends, all in one safe and secure digital platform through messaging, voice, audio and video calls.

Access everything in the one place

Oqea is a one stop shop at your fingertips, incorporating telehealth services, self-care, health tools and professional resources all in one digital platform. No need to fuss with multiple passwords. At Oqea everything is in the one place.

Like consumers, employees want choice. In fact, 83% see mental health as a top priority.

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Bespoke care plans to suit your team

Through hyper personalised care plans and support tools, you can always be there, whether your employees are in the office, working remotely or working from home.

Creating a place for connected wellbeing

Oqea is a platform created by health professionals, so you can trust the people, services and information we recommend are the best. We understand how the health system runs and can work with you to produce tangible, effective digital solutions, streamlining your business and delivering proactive early interventions.

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